The following outlines a realisation of the project on the lowest possible level of complexity. Thus, only a minimal implementation of the project will be outlined. The project is divided, both technically and in terms of content, into two phases: a crowdsale-phase, and a run-phase.

In the first (crowdsale) phase, two smarts contracts are created:
The first contract regulates the crowdsale. If the contract receives ether, it returns terra0 tokens to the sender. These tokens can be viewed as a form of debenture, which can be sold back to the second contract at a later date. The crowdsale-phase ends after the pre-agreed time interval stated in the contract. The accumulated capital is then made available to the project initiators.

The second (run) phase then begins. This phase consists of the second smart contract, a forest analysis programme hosted on a server, an Oracle, and the Etherum clock beginning the active phase of the project.
Over agreed time intervals the forest analysis programme accesses the API of a supplier for satellite images of the forest owned by the NHA. The programme selects the satellite view of the forest via its GPS coordinates, before determining the number, state, and age of the trees located on the NHA's property using OpenCV. This data is shown as a publicly accessible JSON File. The Oracle accesses the website once every six months, and reflects the data as a smart contract in the Etherum Blockchain. Periodically, the Etherum clock activates the smart contract which accesses the Oracle's data. It calculates how many Woodtokens can be sold in accordance with the given parameters, such as tree age, and density, in order for the tree population to stay constant, or in accordance with the permitted growth rate. Woodtokens represent those cubic metres of wood which can be sold. This sale is calculated in accordance with pre-determined economic and ecologic parameters. If the contracts accumulates enough Ether, terra0 token holders can sell their tokens to the contract, in return for Ether.

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